vienna, we are coming back!

Yes, least for a few days in the summer. We are looking forward to visit our "zweite Heimat" in the East, enjoying the hot summer in Vienna. Check out the trip, at least that's the plan:
  • 13.07. Getting the car at Theus (it will be a big van, see foto below) and setting off via Munich to Burghausen, that's right on the border to Austria
  • 15.07. Heading on to the East, we might stay somewhere on the way before we get to Vienna on Monday
  • 16.07. Meeting friends and collegues from Vienna Online
  • 17.07. Kino unter den Sternen, Prater, Lobau, Neuwaldegg, all the nice places we have to see again...
  • 19.07. Office Party in the Pezzlgasse (to be confirmed)
  • 20.07. If the Weather ist nice we might go to the Jazz Fest Wiesen, maybe just for one night. let's see.
  • 25.07 Driving back, bringing the car back
On the way back, we have to collect a few things at different places (my suit at Martin's, my trolley at Gerda's, heavy boxes in the Pezzlgasse,...) I hope the car is big enough!



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